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Masafumi Shirakami

The photographer, Masafumi Shirakami, still clearly remembers the dream-like time embraced by the sea of light while lying on the ground of a civic stadium as a child. And somewhere down the line, he began to travel with his camera and tripod around various seas of light. At first he engrossed in releasing, but at some point he felt incompleteness something different. He considers that a number of photographic expression is not so much as inspiring as the condensation of time by a long exposure. Things that are stationary only exist quietly, and moving objects change their form intensely. The lump of iron is softly distorted like molten wax, and the ungraspable light records its trajectory as if it proves momentary presence. By applying artificial blur during exposure, a stationary body becomes relatively a moving one, furthermore it applied a dimension-restricted blur turn into a complex transfiguration that transcends human perception. Occasionally, a thick bunch of trees grows like ancient conifers, the heartbeat of the fetus floating in amniotic fluid overlaps with the hippocampus synapse, and as a meteor wandering in the sea of light a submarine carrier loom over a deep sea. By interweaving of macroscopic and microscopic spun without control, unnoticed viewers are asked ever so slightly about the life activity.

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