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Natural Form and Human gaze 

How have the forms of living things been formed?
A figure blends the rhythm of the distant universe.
In groping of expressions of “Doll”, Yuko Igeta caught the figurative subject on “A Raging Wave of Nature and Sympathetic Life”, such as a circulation of air and water. In recent works made of potter’s clay, she grows together at times and pursues a sense of existence of “Human Shape” offering prayers for the ideal way of human living, and a configuration coming across a strong physical body of fluid.


In 1967, she was born in Tokyo. 
In 1990, she graduated from Musashino Art University Visual Communication Design. After that, she worked for a design company while producing BJD and presented them at group and other exhibitions. 
In 1996, she created a BJD about 120cm, modeled on herself, called a "Self-portrait Doll". The reason was that she couldn't grasp her body properly, which made her social life difficult. Then, through trial and error, she became a life work to make the dolls using the artists who met her as models. 
In the aftermath, she retired from the design company and became independent as an illustrator, while she began earnestly the doll production activity. 
In 2005, she enrolled in Yotsuya Simon Doll School to learn to use tough and environmentally-friendly materials such as papier-mache and paulownia wood. During this time, she encountered "Terpsichorean art" and began to seek a style that goes beyond the sphere of BJDs, while also exploring ceramic expressions and works on small-sized forms. In recent years, she has produced many sculptures of portrait assimilated with fluids such as wind, clouds, and waves. The main themes of her work are human intelligence and the direction of society, the quiet joy and loneliness of living, and the attitude of facing difficulties. 

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