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Koichi Hasegawa

No one notices, however, it surely exists

Koichi Hasegawa works as a plant engineer at a chemical factory, and continues to create ideas with the complex entanglement of plant piping that repeats growth as if they became alive and turned to the structure of society, the lives of people, and even to the universe.
The suspicious light of the metal, made up of light and shadow, creates a strong viewpoint effect that overlaps the image of the human body, insects, and the life forms of the road, and stops the viewer. It can be a world that can be drawn because it is a plant engineer who actually knows the field.
Since 2003, he has been involved in the painting exhibition in earnest, and has been energetically presenting works every year while receiving numerous awards, including the 19th Shigeru Aoki Memorial Biennale. While focusing on masterpieces, expressions that focus on details, even on small items, have the power to overwhelm what you see and feel the same reality as masterpieces.


1963 Born in Aichi Prefecture

2009 Shunyokai General Membership Promotion

Exhibition history

Shunyo Exhibition (National Art Center, etc., every year)

2007 Chubu General Art Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, '08)

2011 Solo exhibition (Gallery Souan, Nagoya, '17)

2014 Solo exhibition (Gallery Sou, Tokyo, '18, '20)

2015 Solo exhibition (Gallery UG, Tokyo, '16 '17 '18)

    Exhibition "A dream for tomorrow III" (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Harada no Mori Gallery)

    Solo exhibition (5 / R Hall & Gallery, Nagoya, ‘19)

2019 Solo exhibition (Gallery ART POINT, Tokyo)

    Solo exhibition (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Harada no Mori Gallery 7GATES)

    ART POINT in London 2019 (espaciogallery in LONDON)

Award history

2004 Chubu Haruyo Exhibition Chunichi Award

2007 The 84th Chunyo Exhibition Encouragement Award ('08, '09)

2019 Aoki Shigeru Memorial Biennale Excellence Award

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