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Aomochi Nakahara

No one notices, however, it surely exists

The workpiece drawn by Aomochi Nakahara is a “Monologue.”  It is a modest true message that no one can tell.
Small joys in everyday life, nights to think about someone, moments of spare time, small complaints … such are the emotions that would never have been drawn; however, Nakahara depicts the slight emotional swings that everyone has.
Many people are used in the illustration, but few people are facing the front.  They don’t appeal to us. However, if you look closely, you can see that each has some kind of emotion, and the viewer can imagine the story of the person in the picture.
Nakahara’s illustrations are an extension of comic illustrations that are heavily influenced by Japanese comics, but have a simple screen structure that takes advantage of the graphic design and white space reminiscent of Japanese paintings, which cannot be classified as either comics or art, pursuing a unique worldview. This is due to the result of focusing on the minimally necessary elements to place “drawing subtleties of human emotions” as the main axis. The motifs of plants, etc., delicately depicted with a ballpoint pen, express such feelings, and the fantastic scenic setting that does not exist in the real world is also an important element for building Nakahara’s unique world view.


1983.3 Born in Mie Prefecture

2005 Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Information Design

Exhibition history

2011-2013 Group exhibition Femme GALLERY ART POINT (Tokyo)
2012 First solo exhibition, Ao No Anbai gallery near (Kyoto)
2013 Reflections  GALLERY ART POINT (Tokyo)

2014 SHUFFLe * Gallery CORSO (Tokyo)
2015 New Year Selection Life GALLERY ART POINT (Tokyo)
ARTs * LABo Ex2015-COLORs- Gallery CORSO (Tokyo)

2016 Dreams  GALLERY ART POINT (Tokyo)
2017 ARTs * LABo Ex2017-Japanese-style fantasy- Gallery CORSO (Tokyo)

2018 Reflections GALLERY ART POINT (Tokyo)
2019 Another World Exhibition Vol.4 MOTIF (Kagawa)

Award history

Setsugeysuka TOKYO Award
Sakura Exhibition gr@phic Award (2012)
ARCPHILIA Award (2013)
Ayane Award (2015)

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing artworks.
In the case that you’d like to see actual artworks at the gallery, please contact us in advance.

Contact : YoshihikoYoshimura in charge

Mail :
Tel : +81362286839

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