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Taki Kitada

"What is the border between sacred and profane?"

With interests in religious symbolism and ethnology, Taki KITADA engages herself in this question through her paintings.

Sacred and profane, often regarded as contradictory terms with each other, always have an evolving meaning depending on the time and place. For instance, regardless of its religious origin, some medieval paintings give us sense of grotesque and gory feeling. We can sense a feeling of awe and beauty in today’s industrial landscapes even though its regarded as symbol of materialistic world. Sense of sacred and profane can vary depending on the context of viewers, whether in cultural and historical background.

Taki KITADA explores how to interpret sacred and profane in the context of contemporary Japanese society. Her paintings often apply opposing stylistic and conceptual elements: modern and traditional, spiritual and materialistic, folklore and industrial, linear and solid. In her paintings, mythological characters and symbols are coexisting with industrial machinery in vivid color stream. Such chaotic view echoes with today’s Japan, where materialism and technology has been cultural mainstream, while people keen to go to shrines and temples as entertainment and leisure. Through juxtaposing, or even harmonizing contrary elements on visual imagery, Taki KITADA aims to see transformation of meaning in each element from where she stands.


1988 Born in Japan, Tokyo

2010 Graduated from Tsuda College, Department of International and Cultural Studies

2013 Graduated from Central Saint Martin College of Art, MA Fine Art

Solo Exhibition



Group Exhibition

2014 ‘Koh-You-exhibition’ Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Ueno)

2015 ‘My Inner World’ Mireya Gallery (Ginza)

2016 ‘Turner Award 2015 Exhibition (Higashi-Nagasaki)

2017 ‘Art Point Selection’ Gallery ART POINT (Ginza)

2019 “Scopes” Gallery ART POINT (Ginza)

Award history

2012 “EWAA Award 2012” Selected for the exhibition

2012 “The Debut Contemporary Art Award” Selected for the exhibition

2014 “Koh-You-Exhibition” Selected for the exhibition

2015 “TURNER AWARD 2015” Artist of Future Award

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