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Naoya Ohtani

Naoya Otani is an artist who creates concrete representation using realistic painting techniques. Painting techniques are considered as tools for expression. Still lifes, landscape paintings, and occasionally sculptures are created on a support, and these artwork are born through various means. As a rule of thumb of an artist, he would always take reference from a motif when he’s painting. Therefore, the artist’s unique viewpoints are densely accumulated into his artwork, which cannot be found in media such as photographs. There is no need for a concept or style shared by all his artworks. Themes are decided for and implemented into each individual artwork, making it possible to experience different moods in the different exhibition. In still lifes, which is the artist’s strong suit, textures of motifs were selected from what we can easily find in our daily lives. The impressions given by the artwork are different from what the motif source texture would give, and this allows the artwork to create its own unique space. These spaces are unrealistic, but real spaces exist as an unrecognizable reality through the hands of the artist himself in the mystery-filled still lifes without any falsehood. Before such artwork, viewers cannot look at them as mere depiction and this creates a filter between the viewers and the artist. New possibilities are always being created by the expressions from the manipulated thinking of the viewers.

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Contact : YoshihikoYoshimura in charge

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Tel : +81362286839

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