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Gen Kobayashi

Gen Kobayashi’s paintings indicate the close relationship between objects and the physical sense , emotion , human nature . experience is inseparable from physical world. there is a distance between physical world and i,which affect inner images. it means a view of the world that relates to process that physical phenomenon slowly affects one’s experiences.  objects are reflection of the body and emotion as well as substitution of memory. objects and memory that exist in daily life , physical sense and emotion that connect to it , blurred images as a copy of a copy in the world, these relationship shapes self-consciousness with a surplus and a want of the meaning. memory as objects is too defective for a genuine experience. objects in daily life are painted realistically but slightly unrealistically as a kind of the symbol . to paint like photogragh indicates the importance of the process of painting as well as the irony to a copy. the beginning is objects. mutual relationship between objects and a person or objects and objects cause emotional,lyrical experiences . painting is not only an active intervention to physical world but also a ritual act. whole this process is important as works.

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Contact : YoshihikoYoshimura in charge

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Tel : +81362286839

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