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Takayuki Ito

Takayuki ITO is interested in nostalgic things in Japanese culture and traditional customs, drawing pictures on the theme of harmony with the present age. He review the things that are being culled out along with the remarkable civilization and technological advancement from an old-fashioned, mysterious point of view. Especially Japanese animated cartoons, cartoons, game images are harmonious with modern and classical, regardless of the world’s culture, and in various living circumstances, diversity of religious events are made to supreme There is a comprehensive ideal village. Elements are not rejecting each other, and they are coexisting in daily life of Japan no longer. He thinks that this compatibility is necessary singularities as the times change further, and he is trying to extract through the picture. Expression using foil and tempela has been inspired by the creation of Ikon paintings and is a ritual his involvement that makes images idle. By linking utopian thinking that inherits and develops unique peculiar to Japan with the image of a girl, he is attempting to enlighten mysterious customs daring to become Galapagos.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing artworks.
In the case that you’d like to see actual artworks at the gallery, please contact us in advance.

Contact : YoshihikoYoshimura in charge

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Tel : +81362286839

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