Naoya Otani is an artist who makes concrete representations using realistic painting techniques. Painting techniques are considered as tools for expression, and still life, landscapes, sometimes sculptures are made on a support, and they are made into works by various means. As a rule on which Ohtani produces, he always produce while observing a motif. Therefore, information from the Ohtani's unique viewpoint that is not extracted from media such as photographs is accumulated in the work as density. There is no need to decide the concept or style common to all the works, and since the theme is decided for each work and produced, it is possible to experience different moods at each exhibition. In the still life that is the main expression of Ohtani, the texture that the selected motifs can usually see in everyday life, the impression that is different from the situation, creates its own space. These spaces are unrealistic, but real spaces that the artist himself created by hand, exist as unrecognizable reality on the screen without false information in the still life of mysterious situations. In front of such works, the viewer can not view it as mere depiction, and creates a filter between the writer and the viewer. Expressions based on manipulating the thinking of the viewer are always creating new possibilities.

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